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SacJUG Meeting Archive

January 14, 2014

Open Discussion

February 11, 2014

Robin (Rob) Anderson
Android Development on Android
Brian Lavender
Use JNI on Android to load up iOS/Android compatible C++ code for the game

March 11, 2014

Open Discussion

April 8, 2014

Open Discussion

May 13, 2014

Steven Holmes
Effective Java using Alternative JVM languages

June 10, 2014

Russell Spitzer from DataStax
Apache Cassandra
Building scalable applications in Apache Cassandra

July 8, 2014

Tyler Jewell from Codenvy
SaaS Development in Java
Discuss the evolution of remote development of Java applications and the emergence of SaaS Developer Environments. Often times called a cloud IDE, a SaaS environment can eliminate configuration, increase collaboration, and alleviate management concerns around consistency, compliance, and velocity. In essence, SaaS developer environments can make agile, more agile.

August 12, 2014

Open Discussion

September 9, 2014

Jega Aravandy from DataStax
Cassandra NoSQL Database
Working with DataStax Enterprise; Cassandra with Solr; Developing Server Side code for Cassandra in Java; Developing REST services out of Cassandra; Spring Data Cassandra; Spring Data Solr; Wiring all of these together.

October 14, 2014

Open Discussion

November 11, 2014

Open Discussion

December 9, 2014

John Lockwood
John Lockwood avoided the poverty of being a liberal arts Ph.D. dropout in the early 1990s by teaching himself how to program. Since then has played and worked professionally with a lot of fun languages. He's a Principal at CodeSolid Sofware Development, currently doing his second tour of duty as a Java programmer at VSP Global (this time at Eyefinity). In his spare time he's wrapping his mind around Scala, one of the coolest new languages targeting the JVM, and functional programming. December's presentation will be a sort of traveler's tale of what he found in the weird hinterland of Scala. We'll discuss all of this from the point of view of a Java programmer trying to understand what features make Scala cool and useful on the one hand, and what shortcomings make it difficult and obtuse on the other. We'll do a high level overview of functional programming and how Scala supports it, and we'll dig into some of the basics of the language as well as the tools such as the REPL and SBT (the "Simple" Build Tool).