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SacJUG Biography
The Sacramento Java Users Group (a.k.a. SacJUG) was founded in 1995 while Java was still a fledgling development language. Only a few years active, SacJUG continues its mission to provide Java-related information to its membership, to facilitate contact between its members, and to promote the use of Java technology in the Greater Sacramento area.
SacJUG has benefited from a strong "grassroots" following members who strongly believe in, and help promote the "write once, run anywhere" philosophy. We all share a common interest in Java software development and the advancement of Java standards and software. That's why we strongly encourage anybody who is interested in Java whether are a developer, manager or student to join SacJUG now!

Past Directors :
Director - is a Software Engineer. Tony's background is in Enterprise level application design and development. He has been in the software industry since 1993. His regard and admiration for Java has grown since he started working in Java prior to which he was a strong Microsoft Technologist. He thinks one needs to keep their eye open for the next big thing and that is .NET.

Director - is C.E.O. of ParticleWave, Inc. (www.particlewave.com), a Sacramento area software engineering consultancy which focuses on enterprise Java development, application servers, servlet and JSP programming, and XML. As an experimenter with the 1.0.2 beta version of the JDK, like most people John thought "Tumbling Duke" was cute but wondered what one could do with it. Now he's privileged to work with Java for exciting eCommerce shops on his "day job", and the eFreebie newsletter his company sends out each month relies on Java Server Pages to sign users up and JavaMail to send the newsletter!

Founder - founded SacJUG in 1995. Coming back from the first Java Day, Michael met an alien at a gas station in Fairfield. He was told, "build it and they will come." So he did, and they came.
A known "evangelist," Michael now works at Weblogic, one of the premier Java-related software vendors in the market, as a Systems Engineer. Michael believes that Java is the next best thing since the Commodore 64 and cannot wait to see the day when all watches will ship with embedded Java.

Director - is the President of Talaria Research, Inc., a Java software development company. Bryan can say that he has never met an alien at a gas station. However, he does bring to SacJUG many years of experience in the software industry.
Bryan has been involved in project management, product management and consulting for corporate and government organizations throughout the world and still maintains strong relationships with colleagues in Europe, Canada, Asia and South America. He's still trying very hard to convince them that he's not working for Starbucks...

Technical Director - Vice President of Talaria Research, Inc., Fabio has over 15 years programming experience in languages ranging from Java and C++ to other object-oriented programming languages such as Smalltalk. But what most people don't know is that Fabio really makes his living as a world famous model (Not!). Fabio has developed and localized software products for global markets and has orchestrated enterprise-level applications development for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Website Director - serves"Webmaster" for Andromedia in the San Francisco, Sean's background is in Web site design and architecture. Although Sean has never used a Commodore 64, sometimes he feels that he should throw his computer out the window and call Michael for a "loaner." Sean's hands-on experience with Internet and Intranet-based systems and the organization, maintenance and distribution of information will keep us on our toes. Whether he uses a Commodore 64 for this task is yet to be seen.

Technical Speaker - Ted Neward currently consults to a variety of companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Sun, teaches .NET through Pluralsight and other topics independently. See his blog at http://blogs.tedneward.com. He is the author of the books Core OWL 5.0, Advanced OWL 5.0, Server-Side Java, Effective Enterprise Java, and others. He is a well respected technical presenter at the Sacramento Java Users Group.