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Job Postings

If you would like to put your job ad before the SacJUG membership, here's how to do it: Print approximately two dozen copies of your job posting on plain paper. Put it in a box. Put some free stuff from your company in the box as well. Tee shirts, coffee cups, frisbees, Palm Pilots, that kind of thing. If your company doesn't have any ad specialties, enclose enough Round Table Pizza gift certificates to feed about 24 people.

Mail the box to:

Tony John (you can email me for my mailing address)

Your goodies and job postings will be distributed on the second Tuesday of each month.

We also have a list set aside for recruiters from companies with no money to send goodies. Here's the lowdown:

Post message: sacjug-jobs@egroups.com
Subscribe: sacjug-jobs-subscribe@egroups.com
Unsubscribe: sacjug-jobs-unsubscribe@egroups.com
List owner: sacjug-jobs-owner@egroups.com